Month: March 2018

Pegbox Folk Duo

A violinist and cellist came to play to us today. They played for  two groups of pupils and staff.

Many of the pupils enjoyed the session as the music was quite lively and they were encouraged to dance along to the rhythm.


Live Music

St David’s Day celebration

Due to the ‘Snow’Days’ we had, our St David’s day celebrations were postponed until today.

Great fun was had in the preparation of the ‘Bard’s Sensory Chair’, the baked ‘Welsh Surprise’ and the  ‘Welsh dance/ Song’.

Our judges this year were Jo and Tracey from the office; they both take this very seriously and take into account the criteria along with the input from the pupils when deciding who should win each category.

One of the entries for the bard’s sensory chair included a Virtual Reality aspect on a dragon theme! Another, the winner, was shaped like a dragon’s egg.

The dances and chants ranged from traditional country dancing to a version of Touch Trust to a rap.

Country dancing for everyone was accompanied by Judith on the piano and Phil, our music therapist on the violin.


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