School Council Meeting W/E: 15.11.19


Eco School Council meeting Monday 11th November.


Eco Council members with their potatoes.


Indigo and Violet classes were asked if they could start counting the pink and green bags that are collected each week. The evidence could be in the form of photos or a bar graph, and would show how good we are at recycling.


Indigo, violet and blue classes have all had a go at monitoring lights in classrooms and keeping track of classes that are not Switching Off when they leave the room. It seems that most classes do Switch Off as and when they should so the survey has been dropped for the time being.


Potato Day will be on Wednesday 20 November. Each council member was given an earthy potato to take back and share with the class. We will have sensory activities and potato sports on the day, prior to that each class will need to cook something with potatoes to share.


All minutes of the Eco Committee and their Eco activities are now to be found on the notice board by the hall and on the school website.


                          YSGOL CRUG GLAS.


                                OUR ECO CODE.

                                    To increase awareness of how we can make our                    

             School more ECO FRIENDLY…..


We want YOU to switch on to switching off…….


We want YOU to take a minute before YOU bin it..


We want YOU to think about what we all eat….


We want YOU to enjoy the benefits of walking on your Educational Visits…


We want to encourage birds, insects and plant to live in our school grounds….


We want to keep a school a pleasant place by keeping it litter free……

School Council Meeting. September 2019

School Council Meeting. September 16th 2019


Angela, Seb, Ethan, Seren, and Ryan met today to decide how to make the school a better place.


*Ryan suggested we keep the school in one piece, and NOT TO BLOW IT UP. !

Angela said the best thing about school was Friday.


*We talked about the white room and what we liked about it.

Seren and Ethan like the musical equipment best.

Everyone likes the bubble tubes.

Seren does not visit the light room because she can’t get  out of her chair to use the equipment.

We agreed we meet again to make choices when we know how much money Swansea Sound will be giving the school.


*We talked about the importance of turning the classroom lights off when we leave the classroom, every member of the council was asked to turn off the lights or ask the staff to do so. This will help us to look after our planet and help our Eco Schools projects.


*Ethan brought a suggestion from his class that the pupils all help with their class stall for the Christmas fair.


Seren was asked to use her Big Mac to inform yellow and green classes what we have discussed. Ryan would let them know too.


ECO Schools – September 2019

The Eco Committee met today, Monday 30 September. 


We talked about the apples on the tree outside school.  Each Eco Warriors was asked to go back to their class to tell them about our tastiest apple cooking competition. All entries are to be around at the office for Thursday morning. 

Orange class are now going to put up the Green Flag every day. Kareem helped to put it up today. 

The Eco warriors are now going to go around school turning off lights that have been left on. Every class found to have lights left on will have a black light recorded against their name outside the office.  

The Eco Warriors were each given an aspect of the Eco revue to complete this will help develop our new Eco Action plan, and form part of the school Improvement Plan 2019/20. 

Ollie is going to design a new Eco Symbol for the school. 

Blue class will welcome 2 teachers from Zambia who will help us to learn about plastic waste. 



BEEP BEEP, the new Ysgol Crug Glas bus official handover celebration.

THANK YOU……………………….

Today marks the official handover of our new school bus, which was kindly part-funded by St James Place and the Variety Club. This well help the children and young people of YCG be more connected with the local community and assess opportunities around South Wales.

we also enjoyed are delicious cakes to celebrate YUM!

Beastly Ongoings – Visit


The staff and children were lucky enough to visit the fantastic work of Beastly Ongoings performance back in February. all the children enjoyed the sights, sounds and dancing, and were lucky enough to interact to create their own sounds and dance.