New School Bus

We’re proud to welcome our new school bus, thanks to Variety Club.

“We improve the lives of children and young people throughout the UK who are sick, disabled or disadvantaged. Variety provides coaches and bespoke wheelchairs, specialist, sensory and recreational equipment for use in the home, school, children’s hospitals and youth centers and creates memorable experiences through” Variety Great Days Out.



Finding a voice through Technology

Lead Creative school scheme: A school to school project

Thanks to funding from the Welsh Arts Council, pupils from Ysgol Crug Glas and Morriston Special teaching facility, took part in a joint school to school project.

During the course of a few weeks, a remix of ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ by Dylan Thomas was recreated, finishing with a live performance of the piece at Cinema and Co. Pupils helped to create the music using instruments, microphones and the use of an IPad ‘thumb jam’ app. Pupils also enjoyed hearing the sound of their own voices on the microphone. As part of the project, an artist visited Ysgol Crug Glas to work alongside the pupils and they created a range of black and white mark making pictures that were turned into animation and motion graphics to accompany the remix. 

Click on the link below to see just what we have been getting up to!


Do not go Gentle into that Good Night: Finding a voice through the use of digital technology



Parents Coffee Morning

Parents Coffee Morning

when; Friday 23rd November

Where; Ysgol Crug Glas

At: 10 am

Sandra Spratt will be joining us, she’s the Children and Young People Disability & Family Development Officer for Swansea,

And will be able to give invaluable advice on issues facing us and our children.

All welcome!

The Royal Wedding – Crug Glas Style

Today, to celebrate the upcoming royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, we held our own wedding ceremony and wedding reception tea party. Two pupils, one from class 1 and one from class 4, stood in for Harry and Meghan and one of our TAs played the part of the vicar performing the ceremony.

The weather held out and the sun shone on the reception, which was held in the central courtyard. Plenty of bunting and flags decorated the area to add to the party atmosphere.

Each class provided food for a buffet and royally decorated a table to sit round.


Fundraising @ Ysgol Crug Glas


There have been several things, we as a school have been doing over the past few years in order to raise money, that has been put towards and used for creating new outdoor learning areas, to continuous money raised for our changing for the better appeal, helping raise money for our fantastic Play scheme during the beginning of the summer and many more.

Most recently an event was held at the Dockers club in Port tenant (organised by two fantastic Teaching Assistant at Ysgol Crug Glas)  and the turn out was fantastic. As a result of the activities put on that evening, through auctions, raffles and the sale of the tickets themselves, an astonishing £4100 was raised. Well done all involved!

This weekend also saw the bravery of another Two special Teaching Assistants at Ysgol Crug Glas. Georgia Morse and Nicole Griffiths took part in a sponsored Sky dive to help raise funds that would be used to purchase an Eye Gaze system for means of communication for one of our Pupils, who will soon  be leaving us to go to adult Services. A massive congratulations and well done to both the girls. A staggering 12,000 ft was their jump in order to raise a total of £5,600 needed to purchase the Eye gaze System. So far a total amount of £4100 has been raised through a variety of activities as well as this Jump,  Organised by Annette Eveleigh, Well done.

If you would like to help in any way, please contact the school office on (01792) 652388

Swansea City Community Trust

Last week, pupils at our amazing school were fortunate enough to spend an afternoon with Lee Trundle, Swansea City AFC ambassador, in partnership with Swansea City AFC Community Trust which is part of an inclusion- Schools coaching Programme. This will continue to take place on a Friday for another 11 weeks.

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed playing football with Trundle and look forward to more sessions with him soon.