School Council Meeting W/E: 15.11.19


Eco School Council meeting Monday 11th November.


Eco Council members with their potatoes.


Indigo and Violet classes were asked if they could start counting the pink and green bags that are collected each week. The evidence could be in the form of photos or a bar graph, and would show how good we are at recycling.


Indigo, violet and blue classes have all had a go at monitoring lights in classrooms and keeping track of classes that are not Switching Off when they leave the room. It seems that most classes do Switch Off as and when they should so the survey has been dropped for the time being.


Potato Day will be on Wednesday 20 November. Each council member was given an earthy potato to take back and share with the class. We will have sensory activities and potato sports on the day, prior to that each class will need to cook something with potatoes to share.


All minutes of the Eco Committee and their Eco activities are now to be found on the notice board by the hall and on the school website.


                          YSGOL CRUG GLAS.


                                OUR ECO CODE.

                                    To increase awareness of how we can make our                    

             School more ECO FRIENDLY…..


We want YOU to switch on to switching off…….


We want YOU to take a minute before YOU bin it..


We want YOU to think about what we all eat….


We want YOU to enjoy the benefits of walking on your Educational Visits…


We want to encourage birds, insects and plant to live in our school grounds….


We want to keep a school a pleasant place by keeping it litter free……