Friends AGM 2018

Friends of Ysgol Crug Glas AGM 13th March 2018

Treasurer’s Report:

Our overall financial position has changed little since last year. Our current assets are £2,885 in the general account; £173,519 in the Changing for the Better project account and £2,500 in the minibus account.

The summer fete and raffle and the Christmas raffle raised £2,951. This is money which we spend on the pupils. Each class receives £10 per pupil per term for social treats which is for purchases when they go out in the community; and £20 for food technology. We agreed during the year that classes 6 and 8 should receive £40 per term for food technology in view of the pupils’ needs in those classes. We also provide funding towards 18th birthday presents, Christmas presents and one-off purchases of items for individual classes. In 2017 we spent £2857 on behalf of pupils.

In terms of Changing for the Better project, there has not been a lot of fundraising activity this year. We had two sponsored events by Nicola Neale and Thomas Goss through our Just Giving page; we raised £340 from the two Cash for Clothes events and received a donation of £131 from the stroke swimming club, which uses the hydrotherapy pool Thursday lunchtimes. This gave us a surplus of £464 for the project.

Win Hawkins