Touch Trust

 Touch Trust


A number of staff at Ysgol Crug Glas have been trained and are qualified

     Touch Trust Practitioners.

  YCG Touch Trust Mission statement 

Aims of Touch Trust at Ysgol Crug Glas                         

  •         To develop Communication in different forms
  •         Focus Attention
  •        To build self-esteem and confidence
  •        Enjoyment & Happiness
  •        To actively be part of a group
  •        To relax and energise
  •        For Staff to create a peaceful atmosphere                                                      
  •        To be aware of breathing techniques
  •        Empowerment
  •        For pupils to create own sound
  •        To show appreciation of others
  •        Develop positive body image
  •        Building strong relationships
  •        Allow opportunities for choice and expression



            Curriculum Links :

             Health & Well-being – Self-awareness, awareness of others, communication, emotional literacy, self-esteem confidence building and motivation, thinking skills, skills in group work, cooperation, skills in presenting self to others.

Language, Literacy & Communication – Communication, Speaking & Listening – different styles and purpose, range and repertoire.

Mathematics & Numeracy – Ordering, Sequencing, one to one correspondence, shape and space.

Expressive Arts – Rhythm, Timbre, Mood, Reflection and Interpretation

            Humanities – A sense of awe and wonder, spiritual and moral development and a sense of morality.